The JEL Story

In 1986 Insurance Departments were begining to require that new agents take pre-licensing education prior to taking the state exam. John Gold, with over 25 years of experience in all lines of insurance was disturbed by the poor quality of the education material when his daughter, Linda, decided to get her license. He complained about it to the point his wife, Eileen, asked him to either be quiet or do something better. So he spent a few months writing licensing courses for Life, Accident & Health and Property & Casualty and soon had classes fully booked. With so many classes Linda soon joined him in the business to help write more material and teach the classes.

Originally JEL was call "The Insurance School" but when it was expanded to another state that name was taken and it became "Insurance Training Institute". Another expansion resulted in the same name issue so the family sat down to come up with a unique name. The owners initials were used:John, Eileen and Linda. And the JEL name stuck. Since by this point we were also publishing quite a few Continuing Education books, Publishing was added to make our name forever more JEL Publishing, LLC.
In the course of time we migrated from live classes to offering home-study courses that allowed our more rural clients to be able to recruit new agents easily. As technology changed we also added our digital classroom to our pre-licesning courses utilizing audio-video Power Points to give the student everything we would do in our review classes. Now all of courses are available through our online platform. In 30 years things have really changed!

In 2005 we added JEL Training, a separate division focused specifically on training Adjusters. We offer not only Pre-licensing and Continuing Education but also an intense Boot Camp that prepares the Adjuster for real world estimating, including learning the #1 estimating software, Xactimate.

As a small family business we have always prided ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our students become part of the JEL family. We look forward to you joining us!