It's a Brave New World!

Gone are the days of the big offices, PBX multi-line phone systems, production department and big staff.  With all the modern technology we can now operate in a virtual world. 

We use Ring Central for our Virtual Phone system.  I can literally be taking your call anywhere.  Faxes are received and sent as pdf files to and from our computers.

Our coursebooks are in a pdf file.  Well actually they have been that way for years but we used to send them to our own large commercial printers or local printer.  Then we burned them onto CD's and mailed them.  Now we deliver the same pdf through the internet!  Same product, different delivery.

We all work virtually.  We are still a family business and this is a good solution. 
So here is how to get what you need from us:

Phone - 800-753-4378

Please note that you will get voice mail quite often.  It is quicker to email me but please feel free to leave a message. Give me as many details as you can.  I will get back with you, usually within one business day.


       For the fastest response, please email me if I don't answer the phone. This will come to my cell phone.

       [email protected]  


Please fax all CE answer sheets and affidavits to 800-756-2805

Or you scan and email them to: [email protected] 

If you have a question about tests you have submitted please email me with your name and license number. 

We have been a family business since 1986.  We try to make sure we take good care of our students.  I realize not being able to speak with someone at the exact moment you want to is not always ideal however I hope I can offset that with kind and caring service.

Thanks for your business,

Linda Gold