Virginia 24 Hour CE Package

We are not in Virginia at this time.


JEL CE Packages have everything you need to be in compliance including ethics.

The course will be available immediately upon purchase.

Virginia Requirements:

Hour Requirements:  16 hours biennially for a single license. 24 hours biennially for more than one license.  Must complete Three (3) hours of Ethics as part of the basic requirement (included in our package).  At least eight (8) hours must be relevant to each license type if 24 hours is required.  All hours must be relevant to license type if 16 credit hours are required.

CE Renewal Date:  All agents must have their CE Requirements completed prior to November 30th every 2 years in the even number year..

Recordkeeping Fee:  Paid by the student tp by November 30th of the even year.  ($20)

Final Exam:  Must be Supervised - A supervised proctor would be a manager, co-worker, or trainer. Or may be proctored by a Disinterested 3rd Party – not someone related to you.

Repeat Course:  Courses may not be taken more than once during any reporting period.

Carry Over:  Hours may be carried over to the next reporting period, but hours must be reported in biennium in which course was taken.



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