Online Adjuster Boot Camp

Apart from getting the ACA certificate, you can choose to take an additional online course called the Adjuster Bootcamp. This course will educate you regarding the industry and job opportunities that will be available once you receive your Insurance Adjuster license. In addition, The Adjuster Bootcamp course includes video lessons to learn valuable adjuster tools.

Free Xactimate!

The Adjuster Bootcamp course includes Xactimate training online which is the number one software in the country used by adjusters to evaluate damaged property and write estimates.

"According to the career site Zippia, adjusters who enter the field move on to become managers within 8 years or less once they enter the field."

 Get Trained Now For An Insurance Adjuster Career!

Insurance claims, whether from bad weather or daily disasters are recession proof and cannot be outsourced because someone must actually go out to the property and do an on-site inspection. After a natural disaster like tornado swarms, Hurricanes, blizzards and more, an adjuster can earn $800 to $1,000 a day investigating these claims with the proper training.

After several Hurricanes many of our new Alumni, with no prior experience, earned $25,000 to $45,000 in just 6 - 8 weeks! And while big storms don't come around but a couple of times a year, a daily adjuster can reasonably earn $600 - $3,000 a week.

JEL’s Boot Camp will prepare you to investigate and process these claims from start to finish, including using the estimating software Xactimate, and be on your way to a new and exciting career as a property and catastrophic adjuster.


  • Business of Adjusting
    • This module covers the types of claims you may encounter and the different types of adjusters.  You will learn how to work with the insured and the adjusting firm and how you get paid.  You will also learn how to interact with various legal entities and contractors as well as how building codes come in to play.  Finally. you will learn the unique language of adjusting.
  • Construction and Math Skills
    • Adjusters need to know some basic geometry and math skills in order to effectively measure a claim.  You will have some practical skills drills to help you learn this. 
    • As an adjuster you need to know basic construction from the roof down to the foundation and how we handle that for a claim.  It is not always the same as what can be done as a contractor.  This module will touch on all aspects of the construction of a house.
  • Equipment and Safety
    • You will need some basic equipment to get started in the field, this module will cover what is needed.  Also, we will cover ladder safety and other safety aspects of the job.
  • Property Insurance Coverages
    • You will need to understand the property insurance contracts you are adjusting the claim for.  While this is in the licensing material you may have used it’s important to review it.
  • The Claims Process
    • In this module you will be taken from start to finish through the entire claims process.  Many previous students have taken this to the field with them to make sure they have covered all their bases when doing a claim.
  • All in a Days Work
    • Here we will cover how to organize your work, deal with various damages on your estimate, handle challenges with the insured and your firm and managing your workflow so you can get paid efficiently.
  • Progress & Pitfalls
    • We will discuss many areas where you can get into trouble in this profession and how to avoid it.
    • We will also go into detail on how to build your resume as a new adjuster and how to find work and get your foot in the door.
  • Xactimate
    • Our FREE Xactimate training will take you through how to do an entire estimate including sketching and adding damages. 

 Xactimate Demo

We are using 27.5 as many companies still use this and Xactimate 28, which a cloud version, is very similar.  Xactimate has just come out with a new version, X1. There are just a few interface differences between three.    Xactimate stopped having the 27.5 demo available but you can download either 28 or X1.  Xactware has two free trainings you can also download.  What's new and Essentials.  Xactimate is a very robust program and people are always finding new ways and shortcuts.  I also go to Youtube as there are some great tips to be found. 

This is a Boot Camp, a basic platform for you to jump from.  Always be learning and growing.


Who Benefits From JEL’s Boot Camp?

JEL Adjuster Training

 Anyone seeking a new career such as retirees can benefit taking our Boot Camp course. You can do Daily claims in your local area or work as a storm chaser and go where the weather leads you around the country. Storm chasers or CAT adjusters typically can make well over $100,000 a year and many only work 7 or 8 months a year. It can be a challenging and exciting career.



JEL Contractor Training

Contractors – Many contractors take the Boot Camp to increase their bottom line.

Being able to advertise as a trained adjustor provides the opportunity to liaison with insurance company adjustors. They not only gain more confidence and business from property owners, but are also able to increase their own estimates by including more of what the insurance carriers will approve in a language that the carriers understand.



JEL Investor Training

Real Estate Investors – The training we provide in Boot Camp also benefits the Investors when they evaluate properties they are considering purchasing for rehabbing to flip for investments. By learning how to utilize the estimating software Xactimate they have a powerful tool for presenting a professional document to gain the funds needed. They can also go run a storm as an adjuster and earn the seed money to invest in more properties if desired. 

Why JEL Publishing?

 You have a variety of training options to choose from so you may be wondering why you should choose JEL over the others. Calling and talking to us will answer that question best. You’ll find that we will take the time to answer ALL of your questions and never try to “sell” you. But here are a few reasons why the JEL Boot Camp is a great choice:

• JEL Publishing has been around since 1986 and has trained over 100,000 people in the insurance industry in licensing, sales, continuing education and adjusting. We know training.

• We are a three generation family business with over 100 years of accumulated knowledge. When you become one of our students you become family. You get our personal emails and cell phone numbers. The help doesn’t stop when the class is over.

• We take a holistic approach to training – by being professional trainers who became adjusters (our lead trainer has worked over 500 claims through Hurricanes Katrina, Gustave, and daily claims) we understand all learning styles and design our classes accordingly.


You will never be left behind.

Why Online?

Since 2006 we have taught the Boot Camp in a 5-Day format.  But with the economy the way it is and the cost of travel and hotel and food, many of the people wanting to take the class found it too difficult.  Either it was hard to take off a week from what they were currently doing or the cost was too high.

We came up with this solution.  We put on video much of what we do in the class and then put that online.  Initally we also offered 2 days of classroom at the end as an optional addition to the course but the students going through the online course felt they had gained so knowledge much that the classroom was not needed.

What Our Students Are Saying

This is a small representation of comments our students gave along with permission to use on our website.

Originals with full names are in our office.

“If you are serious about becoming an independent insurance adjuster, attend the JEL Bootcamp, where they are serious about helping you succeed with your future as a knowledgeable, effective and respectable new adjuster.” Joe V., St. Petersburg, Fl.

 “Very well planned and executed course.” Philip O. Gretna, LA.

 “Complete hands on CAT adjusting experience.” Gabe A. Denver, CO.

 “JEL gave me the training and the knowledge to where I feel I could walk out the final day of Bootcamp and adjust a claim.” Jonathan H. Venice, FL.

 “Training was very well organized.” Teresa W. Fort Peirce, FL.

 “The instructors go the extra mile to help all of the students. Very Personal.” Leah W. Wheaton, MD.

 “You get out of the class what you put in. Time and desire is all that is needed.” Kathleen C. Baltimore, MD.

 “Best in the industry. Most easy way to change careers from 25k to over 100k in very short period.” Gamini K. St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

 “WOW!” Thomas S.

 “Very informative, but you want to want it.” Dennis I. Stuart, FL.

 “Great people and training. Come away with a better understanding & knowledge of how to adjust a ‘litigation’ free claim. Thanks JEL!!!” Michael D. Atlanta, GA

 “FANTASTIC!” William B. Splendora, TX

 “This is the one people! All the tools you need to get your career started!” Jim G. Lutz, FL.

 “Anyone who is starting out as an adjuster needs to come to this class. It covers the A to Z of adjusting & really prepares you for the ‘real world of adjusting’”. Jeff P. Duluth, GA.

“Perfect way to learn about being a property adjuster.” Doug H. Mt. Dora, FL.

 “Good training opens doors.” Kisha J. Florence, SC.

“With the additional information gleamed from this course I should be able to impress the desk adjusters with my new skills.” Ray A. Estero, FL

 “Unique with the hands on & second to none JEL Training shows you how to get it done!” Jose A. Orlando, FL

 Absolutely informative, but most of all hands on is something you can’t go wrong. You will have your ‘Aha’ moment!” Pamela J. Columbia, SC

 “Very informative and well taught. Highly recommended!” Gary H. Parrish, FL

 “I believe it’s the best class for someone who is interested in learning the trade, but not being lost in the shuffle of big classes. Very hands on!” Edward L. Sarasota, FL

 “Adjuster Bootcamp was a great preparation for new adjusters!” Michael A. Beachwood, OH.

 “Provides field training experience in an educational environment.” Don A. Asheville, NC

 “You will definitely gain strength in sketch & Xactimate when the course is over.” David A. Hartville, OH.

 “The information that I learned & practiced will open new fields of work for me.” Steven A. Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

 “We arrived without even knowing how to open a laptop. We left with a knowledge to operate a computer and Xactimate.” Lorenzo A. Bowie, MD

 “JEL Training targets quality information that helps mold you as an adjuster.” Shaun B. Port Charlotte, FL

“I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in adjusting.” William B. Franklin, NC

 “This class is a must for anyone interested in getting into the adjusting business.” Antonio B. Killeen, TX

 “Nothing like jumping into the deep end head first! Practical day to day info and exercises to get you feeling prepared and confident. Hard work, but definitely worth the effort.” Dianna B. Lox, FL

 “INTIMIDATING. That is what I prepared myself for being one of those without adjusting experience nor any construction and all to no avail. The staff got everyone to relax regardless where their experience lay. Both Linda and Thomy kept the class interesting and had so much patience with the entire class. Thanks to them I will be employed again!” Cynthia B. Palm Springs, FL

 “Outstanding course, recommend to anyone starting out.” Bruce C. Winnsboro, LA

 “Hardest, but most rewarding 5 days of studying in my life.” Bill C. Tarpon Springs, FL

 “Taught by people who care.” Joe C. Hollywood, FL

 “A true family business that is very professional. The people at JEL not only want us to succeed, but provide the knowledge to do so. Along with the manpower to train every student throughout the week.” Casey C. Stureet, AL

 “I was a little apprehensive going into this class. Linda put us at ease right away and taught an excellent class. Outstanding information and I am very grateful to be able to attend. Take this course and you will see why it’s called ‘Bootcamp’.” Bill C. Saucier, MS

 “Excellent training exercises and informative.” Brian C. North Port, FL

 “This is the place to be whether you are a beginning or are a veteran adjuster.” Rick C. Davie, Fl

 “Great class. Ready to go adjust storms!” Richie C. Bradenton, FL

 “Informative. Demanding. Challenging.” Michael D. Lake City, FL

 “A wonderful experience!” Norwood D. Jacksonville, FL

 “Everything was great.” Jorge D. Homestead, FL

 “Awesome! Informative! Fun!” Gail D. Goshen, AL

 “To ‘JEL’ means to bring it all together!” Marvin D. Lake Placid, FL

 “The only thing I can say is that this course gives the knowledge and also that confidence you need to break into this business. Even if you have no background in it!” Juan D. Miami, FL

 “Very informative and a friendly atmosphere.” Samuel D. Land O’Lakes, FL

 “Succeeded in providing me with a working knowledge of Xactimate and Cat adjusting.” Martian A. Punta Gorda, FL

 “Not for the faint of heart, anybody can do it, but not everyone.” Winston H. Rincon, GA

“If you never had experience this is a good place to start.” Randall H. Anderson, SC

“Five days to a new career”. Linda M. Athens, TN

 “This class is for serious professionals wanting to excel in their adjusting career and to gain real world knowledge regarding adjusting CAT claims, etc.” Kevin H. St. Petersburg, FL.

 “Very informative comprehensive course to get you heading on the right track to becoming an adjuster.” Neal H. Holly Hill, SC.

 “The teachers were well informed on all aspects of the class.” Danny H. Bradenton, FL

 “Even without computer knowledge they were able to keep me working with the rest of the class.” Vince G. High Springs, FL.

 “Don’t come unless you are ready to learn.” Jerome G. Grayson, GA

 “This is an excellent course for anyone who is looking to get into the claims adjusting field. The training on Xactimate was invaluable!” Michael G. Orlando, FL

 “It was a great class. Highly recommend it to anyone.” Paul G. Griffin, GA

 “This is a kick butt Bootcamp, but well worth it.” Bonnie G. Griffin, GA

 It’s no wonder you are not required to take a state test after completing this Bootcamp, JEL teaches you more!” Bob G. Tampa, FL.

 “Being new to the industry I needed some help, but the information that you learn @JEL went above my expectations.” Steven G. Naples, FL.

 “I learned a lot, very valuable class that will enable me to start my career!” Brian F. Cincinnati, OH.

 “Bootcamp was fantastic. I knew nothing when I came and now I feel ready to start working in the field in only a week.” David F. Newport, TN

 “Tough, but worth every minute!” Lincolnton, NC

 “Very in-depth & knowledgeable. Feel confident and ready.” Joshua F. Ranger, GA

 “Females can be successful in this program!” Lynda E. P.B. Gardens, FL

 “Hands down, the best training & instructors in the southeast. I learned more in 1 week than I did in months with #X…….., Thank You!! Awesome Bootcamp!” Vonah E. Oxford, GA

 “In my opinion, I think this was the best Xactimate class that I found online and attended. This class filled my head with the knowledge I needed to hit the ground and start running as an adjuster. The instructors were excellent. Thanks Linda and Casey.” Jerold W. Orlando, FL.

 Getting out to a real house and having to scope & measure it was invaluable for someone who had never done it before.” Keith M. Mandaville, LA

 “Great teacher and assistant.” Dave P. Odessa, FL.

 “I think it was great, very informative and interesting.” Tim J. Port Orange, FL

 “JEL Adjusting- Little known course where positive, skilled, educated people are grown.” Dale C. Casselberry, FL.

 “As good as you can get from a class to prepare you to go into the field.” Bob L. Winfield, IL

 “A hands-on practical course that provides a rich overview of the claims adjusting process. I highly recommend it. Roy M. Naples, FL.

 “Very well done.” Nela M. Simi Valley, GA

 “In depth comprehensive learning approach at the adjuster field with a hands on technique to understanding Xactimate 27.” Hallandale, FL

 “Very informative lots of work, but well worth the price.” Gary M. Weston, FL

 “Awesome adjusting experience.” Case M. Boca Raton, FL

 “This is a great way to get started in the business.” James M. Townsend, DE

 “Great instructors. Great Format.” William M. Palm Coast FL

 “Very informative & helpful instructors.” Jesse M. Cape Coral, FL

 “This class has provided a vast amount of real world hands on knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else.” Todd M Gainesville, FL

 “Class exceeded my expectations. A great place to start a new career.” Gregory M. Green Cove Springs, FL

 “Worth the money!” Ed M. Palmetto, FL

 “Instructors very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I felt she wanted me to succeed in the class as much as I did. Answered all questions with graphics and information needed to make sense of information. I knew nothing about adjusting when I started, now I feel like I can start a new career. Thanks Linda and Casey!” Lisa M. Zephyr Hills, FL

 “Go with JEL and you will do well!” Marvin N. Georgetown, SC

 “I had taken other training, however in this class I learned several different methods that will be beneficial to me especially when I am scoping the loss.” Jose N. Doral, FL

 “If you really want to learn how to be an adjuster than this is the class to take.” Stephen N. Miami, FL

 “I have been to several training classes and this one taught me more than all of those put together. I am looking forward to returning and learning more from other classes you have. Thank You.” Rhonda N. Miami, FL

 “Take the time to invest in this course, it is worth the time and money!” Jared N. Wilmar, AR.

 “This was a great learning experience. Relearned much of what I had forgotten. I’ll return for other classes.” John N. Jacksonville, FL

 “Most invigorating training I have ever taken and I have taken a lot. Instructors they all did a nice job.” Gregory K. Ocala FL

 “I learn a great deal here at JEL Training. Teacher and teacher aides where very professional.” Reginald K. Bradenton, FL

 “Bootcamp on steroids!” Robert K. Harrisburg, NC.

 “Crash course that will be helpful for any new adjuster or a refresher for any currant adjuster.” Clyde K. Sarasota, FL

 “I walked in with very little understanding or experience, but completing the class I feel confident I could go out and adjust a property accurately with the tools I have learned in class.” Todd J. Myakka City, FL.

 “Don’t beat yourself up about how much work it is in the class just listen, listen, listen and at the end you will have a moment!” Phyllis J. Greenville, NC

 “JEL Training helped us increase profitability on every job!!” Tony J. Toledo, OH

 “Even with the experience I had coming into class I learned new skills that I will put into good use.” Lou J. Seminole, FL.

 “This class was great!” William J. Lawrenceville, GA

 “I learned more about Xactimate in five days than I did in four years as an estimator for a disaster services company.” Daniel I. LaGrange, KY

 “I enjoyed the casual atmosphere and helpful teachers!” Drew H. Bradenton, FL

 “I could not believe the amount of information & real life applications I received in only 5 days!” Chris H. Indianapolis, IN

 “I had never had any experience in the inspection field, but when I left this class I felt comfortable knowing I could go to work that day & be able to hand in a very professional claim.” Janet H. Winfield, AZ

 “Instructors are very knowledgeable about all aspects of Xactimate. Every question answered.” Jeffery H. Rome, GA.

 “I never knew anything about insurance or adjusting. Very informative for a novice.” Will T. Punta Gorda, FL

 “Awesome learning the ever vastness of Xactimate.” Max T. Decatur, IL.

 “OUTSTANDING!!” Scottie T. Punta Gorda, FL

 “I can’t say enough about the experience, the curriculum, the teaching and professional atmosphere at SCF. This opportunity came at just the right time! I have been to several teaching seminars & this one tops them all, best $1,000 I have ever spent!” Angelo T. Sarasota, FL

 “I found a school that not only tells you how to pass a test, but that shows you how to do the actual work. Now I am ready to face the working world of adjusting with confidence.” Maria V. Los Angeles, CA

 “It’s just like a Bootcamp, but you will learn.” Parris W. Orlando, FL

 “If you don’t know Xactimate take this class!” Michael W. Ft. Myers, FL

“Provided me that moment of clarity!” Amelio W. Pensacola, FL.

 “A very enlightening experience should have done this 25 years ago.” William W. Spring Hill, FL.

 “I had a great experience with Linda at the JEL Training class. Made some great new friends.” John Z. Naples, FL

 “This class gives anyone considering adjusting as a career an immediate prevalent understanding of what is needed to be successful and the proper tools to be successful.” Brian O. Cape Coral, FL.

 “This is a professional university quality class that uses the mix of experience and teaching. Just great!” Jonathan P. Bloomington, IN.

 “The class lives up to its name. A lot of information, well presented and thoroughly explained.” Nico, P.

 “Highly recommended!” James Q. Clermont, FL

 “Teacher knows what she is talking about. Lots of experience. She does a great job!” James R. Altha, FL.

 “This course will give an adjuster a great advantage in this very competitive field!” Damon R. Maitland, FL.

 “More than you expect!” Kenny R. Vancleave, MS

 “A great way to start your adjuster career!” Dean R. Tampa, FL

 “The class was very informative. I learned a lot more here than trying to learn on my own.” Dan R. Lakeland, FL

 “If you want to know who you are and find out what you can do, this is a course that will challenge you to your core. I am a 74yo retired man that discovered I still have what it takes to succeed.” Thomas R. Bradenton, FL

 “Gave a great deal of useful information.” Bernard S. C.C. Hills, IL.

 “It was a great class that was very informative.” Allan S. Brandon, FL

 “I now feel confident to have a company throw me into a storm and come out successful!” Dalton S. Boca Raton, FL.

 “Very informative, A must for new adjusters!” Rich S. Port Orange, FL.

 “This was awesome! I feel like I could jump right in as an Independent Adjuster and be very successful.” Mike S. Fond du lac, WI

 “This is the best crash course for the adjuster.” William S. Suitors Bay, MI

 “Fun, but informative!” Susan S. LaGrange, GA.

 “Linda was great, took time and really helped!” Sean S. Southport, NC

 “If you like to have a more personal instructor to answer your needs- This is the place!” Anthony S. Tampa, FL

 “Life changing. Informative. Eye-opener.” Jonathan S. Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

 “This is a quality class that everyone can learn from.” William S. Pearl River, LA

 “Very informative, everything you need to know.” Jani S. Quakertown, PA

 “The course was very comprehensive and the teachers were a joy to work with!” William L. Port St. Lucie, FL.

 “I am so glad that I took this class. It was very informative and the hands on with scoping was great!” Tonya M. Katy, TX

 “This class just really helped me with pulling it together, very practical!” Corey H. West Palm Beach, FL

 “Wonderful class, teachers connected with students and brought it to their level. Would definitely recommend to new students.” Beth O. Port Orange, FL


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Online Adjuster Boot Camp

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