2021 - 2022 SC Continuing Ed.

Proctoring is suspended during COVID.  

Take on your own and email it to [email protected]

JEL 24 Hour Packages are changed every 2-year cycle so you will not repeat courses. They have everything you need to be in compliance including ethics. 

All courses in our library are immediately available upon purchase.

You will have immediate access to everything: L&H, P&C and LTC Renewal 

Hour Requirements: 24 Hours of approved study of which at least 8 hours must be in each of the licensed lines including 3 hours of Ethics. 

Renewal Date: All agents must have their CE Requirements renewed every 2 years based on the individual's birth month and birth year. Ex. If an agent was born January 1971, they are required to comply to January 31, 2015 and every odd-number year thereafter. 


Recordkeeping Fee -South Carolina is no longer contracted to Prometric.  They are now using the State Based System (SBS)  We are now required to collect and pay the fees on your behalf.  The fees are $1 per credit hour so we will need to collect $24.00

State Fee - Producers are required to pay a $25 renewal fee by their birth month in their CE Renewal year. 

Fingerprinting - Every producer must have their fingerprints done by their deadline date.  This is a one time requirement.

Final Exams: To be proctored by a disinterested third party. Both proctor and producer must sign an "Affidavit of Exam Proctoring" included in the final exam answer sheet. 

Carry Over & Course Repeating: An agent can carry over up to 18 hours. Courses may not be repeated within 2 years. 

Special Course Requirement:

Life, Accident & Health License -

  • Annuity Suitablity if the agent sells Annuities.
  • For Agents selling Long Term Care - 8 Hour LTC Partnership course then a 4 hour LTC Renewal course every 2 years.

Property & Casualty -

  • For Agents who sell Flood they must take a one-time Flood Course.

Group Orders:

If you have several people to register you can download the group enrollment form HERE.  Each person must have a unique email.  Scan and email to [email protected]

For Book Orders:

If you prefer a printed book instead of immediate access to the digital copy of the material you can get that.  Since over 99% of our students now order the digital material we only print the books on demand. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for this process as we don't have control over the printers schedule.

We only offer the 24-hour, including ethics, of L&H, P&C or a Mix of both.  We do not offer LTC Renewal or Flood in hard copy. The cost of printing has gone up dramatically as more business moves toward the digital markets. The cost of printing plus the cost of shipping and processing is an additional $61 for a total of $131.

To order books click HERE

2021 - 2022 SC Continuing Ed. Offer

When you purchase you will get access to all of our course packages, which include Ethics.  When you initially log on just read the Welcome page and follow the directions.

$94 - $70 for the course plus $24 for the processing fee we need to pass on to SBS.